Glass Cleaning Products

Glass Cleaning Products

Those white marks we all see on shower glass, chrome tapware and many other surfaces are usually Water Spots. A water spot is simply dried minerals left behind when a water droplet has evaporated.

The types, quantity and combination of minerals in your water supply have a big effect on how severe water spots will be and will vary quite widely from region to region.  The most common minerals found in water are: silica, magnesium, calcium carbonate, copper, iron and lime.   These are naturally occurring, and perfectly healthy; they just aren’t very glass and hard surface “friendly”.

Soap scum is not water spots.  Soap scum is simply soap residue, along with body fats and oils, left behind on a sink, bath or shower.  It just so happens that soap scum sticks to water spots more than clean surfaces.  If you can remove what appears to be a water spot build-up with a general purpose cleaner then you only have soap scum.  If the spots are still there after a typical clean then you probably have water spots.

Ausdens have undertaken extensive testing in our factory to find out which products actually work when it comes to removing that unsightly calcium stain on your shower screen. After we tested each product we found “Just Like New” to be the best and most consistent performer of all the products available.

JUST LIKE NEW Shower Restorer & Hard Surface Cleaner is made from 99.97% Natural Ingredients and is Non-toxic.

  • SAFE on your skin (no gloves or protective wear required)
  • SAFE around children (non-toxic)
  • SAFE for the environment
  • SAFE in septic tanks
  • SAFE on tinted glass
  • SAFE around plants
  • SAFE around animals
  • SAFE around food (used in leading NZ food production facilities)

Once you are done cleaning those water stains from your shower screen why not consider applying a coat of Enduroshield to help keep your shower looking like new for longer.

EnduroShield is a revolutionary permanent, invisible coating for glass, ceramic & porcelain surfaces such as showers, tiles, toilets, basins and stainless steel.

Ideal for the tiles and grout in the shower enclosure as it prevents mould from penetrating below the protective coating and makes grime and soap scum easier to clean by up to 90%. It also protects the surface against staining, etching from mineral deposits and salt corrosion.

Ausdens stock both the tiles and grout & glass DIY kit’s which give you a 3 year warranty, we can also apply the coating to your shower screen during the manufacturing process giving you an even longer warranty period of 10 years, so why wouldn’t you ask for Enduroshield next time your in-store?